Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Portrait photogrpahy

This is my first of six portraits I shot of my subject. My theme was to shoot six different human emotions. I wanted it to be in all black and white because I feel like you get the full emotion of an individual when you eliminate color. This first photo, I wanted to introduce my subject, let the viewer see who I shot, and get an understanding of what I am trying to convey.
This second photo clearly illustrates my subject and the kind of character she is. You will always find her smiling and laughing around campus. It was actually really easy to shoot this one. I like how her hair is down, smile is up, and the lighting in the background brightens up the picture.
This is my favorite photo of my subject. We were trying to figure out how to take this photo because prior to this, we didn't like how they were turning out. It seemed like we couldn't get "that one." Then she suggested to move her body slightly to the right and angle her arm towards her body. With these simple adjustments, we were able to pull this off. I like how the lighting in this photo came out because it gives you a strong feel of the subject and her eyes really stand out.
 We had difficulty shooting this photo because we were trying to figure out how we wanted to do the lighting. We ended using all three lamps for this and we set up it up to where, our key light was on her left side, the second lamp was facing the background, and we used the smaller lamp to shine from the bottom up. I wanted to have a real serious/mysterious photograph. I thought it would be great to mix it up and show a side of my subject that makes you wonder, what she was thinking.
This was our attempt of my subject showing her very upset and angry face. We tried extremely hard to have her take an angry pose, but like I said before, she is the kind of person who doesn't leave the room without her smile.
Lastly, this photo was our attempt to show my subject in a real low and sad mood. I think it is important to show the audience that even the happiest person can also have their sad moments. I like how one side of her body is lit up brighter than the other and how her eyes kind of look watery and her hair is completely dark except for the bottom tips. It really shows how the subject is feeling and it almost makes you feel sad because she looks sad as well.